'I loved the fact that the kids were totally into it. He would give them the information then apply his own life to it, so they had this person they could absolutely relate to. Then they could hang the points he was making on techniques that he was teaching them.' - Libby Bird, Grey Lynn School Teacher.

Inspiring students to write creatively and develop their ability to construct compelling narratives.

School Talks I deliver full talks in assemblies where I highlight my journey from starting writing the Shadows' Series at nine years old to being a published author today who encourages the next generation of young writers to put their story to the page.

Class Workshops My most popular workshop is on the Hero's Journey, the plot structure used in both classic Greek Mythology, Harry Potter and even Star Wars. Students are encouraged to write their own narrative using this structure as their guide.

Book Sales It's something special to have your book signed by the author. I can provide a letter to remind parents to send money with their kids and I will sign as many books as they buy! Shadows is thrilling teen fiction set in a fantastical version of Auckland City.

Contact Sam at samblood@gmail.com to have a discussion about your budget. He would love to explore how he can add value to your creative writing programme!